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Where could you be overspending?

There are many pitfalls a company can fall into if there is not a proper system in place.

Business travel costs are determined by the individual choices made by its employees, from selecting airlines and hotels to the time it takes to book flights. Without clear policy guidelines, there’s a higher likelihood of less cost-conscious decisions.

 Booking Based Off Preference

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A common example is if employees are accustomed to making their own travel arrangements with little or no oversight, they typically won’t choose the least expensive options.

A Lack of Visibility and Reporting

Untitled-2-1Having visibility into how travelers are making purchases can present opportunities for immediate oversight, correction, and education as to how to make better choices.

How can a Travel Spend Review help?

We'll take a look at a mix of...

            • The current travel policy in place
            • Platforms used to book travel
            • Annual air, hotel, and car rental spend

and look at how partnering with a travel management company will help you cut costs—without cutting the benefits your employees love.

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